PGR #87




🪓 3/4″ Melamine and Pocket Screw Construction
🖐 Commercial Castors and Handles
🦵 Adjustable leg stands for grounded stability
🛒 Bracketed wheels for seamless transportation
🛡 Metal corner protectors for enhanced durability
🔐 Physical key set for maintenance and remote accessibility.

🕹 4-Player Compatibility
⚙ Intel Core i5 PC
📺 40″ LCD Screen
💡 Completely illuminated LED header
🔊 Built-in amplified subwoofer audio system /w volume control knob
💨 Built-in air circulation

❗ THOUSANDS of arcade classics to play all night!
👌 Perfect for your game room, man cave, office or business!


72” Tall / 40” Wide / 28″ Depth

Product Add-ons +

Want it to glow? Check this box to add RGB-LED lighting. Applied to to the trackball, the back and bottom of the arcade. Includes a remote for controlling color and modes.

RGB-LED Lighting Package($299.00)