Minion Wheel

Customise your arcade with your own voice actors!

Custom Voice Pack($1,200.00)

Install a bill validator next to the coin comparitor.

Add Bill Validator($300.00)

    Minion Wheel


    Blast Off To New Revenue!

    Your arcade floor will reach new heights of excitement when guests catch an eye of our Minion Wheel attraction!
    Featuring a beloved theme and easy-to-play game modes with plenty of lights and sounds to keep everyone’s attention,
    android powered operation for consistent playthroughs guarantee this to be a centerpiece at your location!


    • Wi-Fi Administration
    • Remote Updates
    • Custom Sound Programing
    • Bright Rotating RGB LEDS
    • Card Reader Ready
    • Pre-Installed Coin Comparator
    • 30 Minute Assembly
    • Durable Rolling Casters & Feet
    • Easy Maintenance


    • Overall Height: 74”
    • Overall Width: 23“
    • Overall Depth: 50”

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