HDMI Pedestal Arcade

Add Backlighting / Underglow($149.99)

Custom control panel design + custom button colors. A Standard Black/Gray and standard button configuration will be installed otherwise.

Custom Control Panel($149.99)

Add a mobile pedestal and 50" TV to your pedestal arcade, complete the system with a pre-tested and preferred TV manufacturer and a commercial quality stand!

Add TV-Stand and 50" TV($700.00)

    HDMI Pedestal Arcade


    “Our plug-and-play Arcade! Add 4-Player fun to your existing TV!”


    • 3/4″ Melamine and Pocket Screw Construction
    • 4-Player Compatibility
    • Commercial Adjustable Lower Standoffs
    • Optional Trackball
    • Optional Lighting Packages
    • HDMI and USB Out to any screen or device.


    • 48.25 wide
    • 41 high to tops of joysticks
    • 31” deep

    Download the manual here: 2+4 Player Arcade Manual


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