Ninja Cut

Customise your arcade with your own voice actors!

Custom Voice Pack($1,200.00)

Install a bill validator next to the coin comparitor.

Add Bill Validator($300.00)

    Ninja Cut


    Test Your Skills as a Ninja!

    Bring some extra WOW factor to your arcade floor with cutting edge prize games!

    Featuring simple maintenance and prize out odds setup, high quality materials,

    bright RGB LEDS for attraction mode, built in speakers, you will be sure to capture the attention of your guests!


    • Wi-Fi Administration
    • Remote Updates
    • Custom Sound Programing
    • Bright Rotating RGB LEDS
    • Card Reader Ready
    • Pre-Installed Coin Comparator
    • 30 Minute Assembly
    • Durable Rolling Casters & Feet
    • Easy Maintenance


    • Overall Height: 71”
    • Overall Width: 28“
    • Overall Depth: 34“

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