Crack The Cube


Take A Spin At A New Game Of Skill!

Turn some heads on your arcade floor with a our new Crack the Cube™!
Featuring a light and sound attraction mode that is like no other game in your entertainment center,
with progressive jackpots, you are assured continued play from all of your guests!
Crack the Cube™ is sure to be in your top ten!


  • Wi-Fi Administration
  • Remote Updates
  • Custom Sound Programing
  • Bright Programmable RGB LEDS
  • Card Reader Ready
  • Pre-Installed Coin Comparator
  • 30 Minute Assembly
  • Durable Rolling Casters & Feet
  • Easy Maintenance


  • Overall Height: 83”
  • Overall Width: 44“
  • Overall Depth: 78“

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Customize your arcade with your own voice actors!

Custom Voice Pack($1,200.00)

Install a bill validator next to the coin comparitor.

Add Bill Validator($300.00)

    Check out the arcade reveal below!